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Therese's correspondence LT 125 – To Mrs. Guérin – November 17, 1890

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus




At Carmel on Nov. 17, 90

                My dear Aunt,

                With what happiness I come to wish you your birthday!... For a long time I have been thinking of this beautiful day and I am delighted to come to my darling little Aunt to tell her how much her youngest, her youngest daughter loves her; in everything she wants to be the last and the smallest, but in affection and tenderness she will never let herself be surpassed by her elders... And then isn't it the right of a Benjamin to love more than the others ?...
                So many memories for me on this date of the 19th. I was looking forward to it for a long time, first because that day was my dear Aunt's birthday; and then also because of the lovely treats I was showered with that day. Now the time has passed, the little birds have grown up, then they have opened their wings and flew from the nest so sweet of their childhood. But my dear little Aunt, as you grew up, your little girl's heart also grew in tenderness for you, and it's now especially that it understands everything it owes you... To pay my debt I don't I have only one way, being very poor and having for husband a powerful and very rich King, I charge him to pour the treasures of his love in profusion on my dear Aunt and thus to return to her all the maternal kindness with which she knew how to surround my childhood.
                My dear aunt, I am not saying goodbye to you because I intend to stay with you all day and I hope you will guess your little girl's heart.

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