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Therese's correspondence LT 120 – To Celine – September 23, 1890

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face


September 23, 1890



                Oh ! Céline, how can I tell you what is going on in my soul?... It is torn but I feel that this wound is made by a friendly hand, by a divinely jealous hand!...
                Everything was ready for my wedding, but don't you think there was something missing from the party? It is true that Jesus had already put many jewels in my basket, but one of incomparable beauty was undoubtedly missing and this precious diamond Jesus gave it to me today... Céline... when he received it my tears have flowed...they are still flowing and I would almost blame myself for them if I did not know "That there is a love of which tears are the only pledge". It was Jesus alone who led this affair, it was He, and I recognized his touch of love...
                You know how much I wanted to see our dear Father again this morning, well! now I see clearly that the will of the good Lord is that he should not be there; He allowed this simply to test our love... Jesus wants me to be an orphan, he wants me to be alone with Him alone in order to unite Himself more intimately with me and He also wants to restore to me in the Fatherland the joys so legitimate that He refused me in exile!... Céline, console yourself, our husband is a husband of tears and not of smiles, let us give him our tears to console him, and one day these tears will change into smiles of an ineffable sweetness!...
                Céline, I don't know if you're going to understand my letter, I can barely hold my pen... and then another would give you a lot of explanations of my uncle's parlor, but your Thérèse only knows how to speak to you the language of Heaven. . Céline, understand your Thérèse!...
                Today's ordeal is a pain that is difficult to understand, we see a joy that is offered to us, it is possible, natural, we stretch out our hand... and we cannot grasp this consolation so desired... but Céline, how mysterious all this is!... We have no asylum here below, or at least you can say like the Blessed Virgin: "What an asylum!" yes, what an asylum... but it was not a human hand that did that, it was Jesus, it was his "veiled gaze" that fell on us!... I received a letter from Exiled Father and here is a passage: “Oh! my hallelujah is steeped in tears. Neither of your fathers will be there to offer you to Jesus. Do you have to complain a lot here below, when up there the angels congratulate you and the saints envy you. It's your crown of thorns that makes them jealous. So love these injections as so many tokens of love from your divine Spouse.”
                Céline, let us heartily accept the thorn that Jesus presents to us, tomorrow's feast will be a feast of tears for us, but I feel that Jesus will be so consoled!... I would like to tell you a great deal about it, but the words are missing!... I have been asked to write to you to console you, but I have no doubt acquitted myself very badly... Ah!... if only I could communicate to you the peace that Jesus has placed in my soul at the most strong with my tears, this is what I ask Him for you who are me!...
                Céline!... The shadows decline and the figure of this world passes, soon, yes soon we will see the unknown and loved face which delights us with its tears

Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus, of the Holy Face rel.carm.ind.

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