the Carmel
Therese's correspondence LT 110 – To Sister Agnes of Jesus – August 30-31, 1890

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Pauline, Mother Agnes of Jesus


August 30-31, 1890



                Little Mum of mine, thank you, oh! thank you!... if you only knew what your letter says to my soul!...
                But the little solitary must tell you the itinerary of her trip, here it is. Before leaving her Fiancé seemed to ask her what country she wanted to travel to, what route she wanted to follow, etc., etc. The little Fiancée answered that she had only one desire, that of going to the top of the mountain of Love. To get there, many roads were open to her, there were so many perfect ones that she saw herself unable to choose, so she said to her divine guide: "You know where I want to go, you know who I want to climb the mountain, for whom I want to reach the end, you know the one I love and the one I want to please only, it is for Him alone that I undertake this journey, so lead me through the paths that he likes to go through, provided that he is happy I will be at the height of happiness. So Jesus took me by the hand and led me into an underground where it is neither cold nor hot, where the sun does not shine and the rain or the wind do not visit, an underground where I see nothing but a half-veiled light, the light that the lowered eyes of my Betrothed's face spread around them!...
                My Fiancé doesn't tell me anything and I don't tell him anything either except that I love him more than me, and I feel deep in my heart that it's true because I'm more his than mine!. .. I do not see that we are advancing towards the end of the mountain since our journey is made underground, but nevertheless it seems to me that we are approaching it without knowing how. The road that I follow is of no consolation for me and yet it brings me all the consolations since it is Jesus who has chosen it, and that I wish to console him all alone, all alone!... Ah ! it's quite true that if I give him grapes from my heart, it's the B and the A because I don't understand anything about it myself.
                Should I write to M. Le Peltier and M. Révérony that I am making my profession?... 


                Above all, don't forget to go to the cellar to take your little wine, when taking it you will think of your little girl who, of course, does not drink good sweet Engaddi wine either... Ask her to know give it to her Spouse by saving souls and she will be consoled...

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