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Therese's correspondence LT 105 – To Céline – May 10, 1890

MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus
MARTIN Céline, Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face


May 10, 1890



                My dear Celine,

                Are you happy with your trip?... I hope that the Blessed Virgin fills you with her graces, if they are not graces of consolation, they are doubtless graces of light!... And the Holy Face !... Céline, do you know that it is a great grace to visit all these blessed places... My heart would like to follow you everywhere, but alas! I don't know the itinerary of the trip, I even thought that you wouldn't be in Lourdes until next week.
                Céline, you must be very happy to contemplate the beautiful nature, the mountains... the silvery rivers, all this is so grandiose, so well done to elevate our souls... Ah! little sister, let's detach ourselves from the earth, let's fly on the mountain of love where the beautiful lily of our souls is... Let's detach ourselves from the consolations of Jesus, to attach ourselves to Him!...
                And the Blessed Virgin! Ah! Céline, hide yourself well in the shade of her virginal mantle so that she virginizes you!... Purity is so beautiful, so white!... Blessed are the pure hearts because they will see God!... Yes, they will see it even on earth, where nothing is pure, but where all creatures become limpid when seen through the Face of the fairest and whitest of Lilies!...
                Céline, pure hearts are sometimes surrounded by thorns... They are often in darkness, so these Lilies believe they have lost their whiteness, they think that the thorns which surround them have managed to tear their corolla!... Céline, do you understand?... The lilies in the midst of the thorns are the beloved of Jesus, it is in the midst of them that he takes his delight!...
                Blessed is he who has been found worthy to suffer temptation!...

Th. of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face nov.carm.ind.
 [2v°tv] I would have liked to write to my dear Léonie, but that is impossible for lack of time, tell her how much I pray for her, and how much I am thinking of my dear godmother. I also intended to write to little Mary, but I can't, I pray a lot that the Blessed Virgin will make her a little lily, who thinks a lot about Jesus and forgets herself and all her miseries in the hands of obedience! ... I don't forget my Jeanne...
[1r°tv] We haven't received anything from Canada. Sr. Agnès of Jesus cannot write anything because of her retirement.
If you didn't buy anything for Our Mother, you could bring back a Our Lady of Lourdes without being painted within 4 or 5 f.

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