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From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to her brother Isidore – December 26, 1863

GUERIN Marie-Louise, Sr Marie-Dosithée
GUERIN Isidore


From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to her brother Isidore.
                                                                                          From our Le Mans Monastery
                                                                                          the 26 December 1863
Very Dear Brother
The time seemed very long to me, I assure you, since your last letter, I would have liked to write to you sooner to congratulate you (on November 5, Isidore had been awarded a "restricted bachelor of science"), I find that the good Lord spoils you; the others have so much trouble getting themselves received, and for you it goes by itself, it is true that you have worked well but nevertheless I believe that the Blessed Virgin pushed the wheel of your chariot well, so I did well thank you, I answer you. I can't tell you how much pleasure this news gave me, I was not possessed of joy all day and to crown my happiness the Blessed Virgin came to me that day. Each month we draw the saints (according to a custom then current in the monasteries, each sister "draw" at random a note bearing the name of a saint who was thus designated as her protector of the month) and that which has the Blessed Virgin has a communion, which of course I will do for you. But since I'm here to share my happiness with you, I still have to talk to you about all my impressions. My great joy lasted *[1v°] all day but the next day there was only one memory, I said to myself: what is that? and these words of Job pursue me everywhere: homo natus de muliere brevi vivens tempore, repletur multis miseriis, qui quasi flos egreditur, et conteritur, et fugit velut umbra et nunquam in eodum statu permanet- Job 14, 1-2) I say to myself now to each thing: what is that for eternity!
However, I don't want to bring grief to your soul, I praise you and greatly approve of you for working seriously on your future, this is useful and even very necessary, only you must not stick your soul to the earth, that's all , we must also think a little about this eternity which will be so long and which occupies us so little, and on the edge of which we are perhaps.
I don't have great news to tell you, as you well imagine, locked up in my dear enclosure that I wouldn't give for a thousand worlds of pleasures; I don't know *[2 r°] anything that happens in this world except what makes too much noise.
My health is very good, I am even better than last summer. I urge you to take good care of your health and not to heat your blood by studying too much.
Write to me and give me lots of news. Have you seen the brother cook? Go ahead and tell me what he will tell you.
I end by wishing you a happy and very happy new year: good success in your studies and above all that the love of God.
I embrace you with all my heart and am in the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary your loving sister.
Sr. M. Dosithee Guérin
From the Von Ste Marie.
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