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From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to her brother Isidore – May 16, 1865

GUERIN Marie-Louise, Sr Marie-Dosithée
GUERIN Isidore


From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to her brother.
                                                                                    From our Mother of Le Mans
                                                                                    May the 16 1865
Very Dear Brother
 I cannot explain to myself the silence you have kept for about three months, and allow me to tell you, I see no excuse for it; because finally if you are sick it is a reason to write it to me or to make write if you are not capable of it yourself, so that I pray for you; if you are too busy put me only four lines, I believe that it does not take much time for that; have I displeased you or offended you in something which could well be, then you must unload your heart and tell me quite simply; is it forgetfulness or indifference, I find it hard to believe because after all I know your heart and I believe that you still love me*[v°] despite our separation: well, whatever the reason , you must tell me and relieve me of anxiety.
My dear friend, you can clearly see that you don't have my heart, you know how much I've always loved you, knowing you're alone in Paris! at your age, surrounded by bad examples, with more or less love of pleasure and independence, I continually shudder over your fate, knowing, moreover, that although the religious principles you have received are well rooted in your heart, they are however, far from being the only motive that makes you act, finally in two words and without detours, weak in virtue, all this worries me and agitates me greatly.
So, dear brother, I hope that you will quickly get me out of my worry and that this is the last time this will happen to you.
I kiss you my dear friend and give you in advance the absolution of your fault.
Sr. M. Dosithee Guérin
of the Von Ste Marie           

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