the Carmel
From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mme Martin – October 2, 1863.

GUERIN Marie-Louise, Sr Marie-Dosithée
GUERIN Zélie, Mrs. Louis Martin


From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mme Martin, October 2, 1863.
Now I will try to calm you, my dear sister, because you are ingenious in tormenting yourself. You must not believe that because the nature of your children is not as gentle as you would like them to be, that they will not be holy for it. I ask you a little if the little Marie who is the cutest has the most merit? Not at all, since both follow their inclination in this; the two little ones (Pauline and Léonie) who are more difficult will have more fights and therefore more victories, that's all. Only it will take more talent and patience to bring them up well and if you are afraid of running out of them, you will give them to us younger than you would have done and we will try to make them holy to you. Such natures sometimes work wonders when the love of God is established in their hearts and the fruits are better and more solid; so do not be afraid and bring them up with much sweetness. Above all, make sure they are well polished because I notice that children who are not polished are much more difficult to reduce (Passage crossed out but still legible; after "polished", we read in overload "it's a very important point in the education of children). 

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