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From Sister Marie-Aloysia Vallée to Thérèse – January 8, 1880

VALLEY Marie-Aloysia Sister
MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


From Sister Marie-Aloysia Vallée to Thérèse. January 8, 1880

V.+J. "Long Live Jesus"

[from the Visitation] Your letter gave us real pleasure, my good little Thérèse, especially since we did not need glasses to read it! How proud your dear teacher must be of his student. But if the little fingers maneuver so skillfully, and all by themselves, the heart also knows how to find very pretty things! All this would really deserve a nice reward, and this ugly aunt who shows up empty-handed will definitely not be well received. However, we would be very happy, my Thérèse, to bring you beautiful New Year gifts, but I am so poor that I cannot even find a pretty picture to offer you: while waiting for us to be able to make one, dear little one, we are going to send you a very small stamp from the Sacred Heart if our letter does not weigh too much. We are sure that it will please you, because you love the Heart of Jesus very much, don't you? And he loves “his child” even more because she is very pious and very obedient. Thank you for your kind prayers. Please continue them to an aunt who also loves her little Thérèse very much,

Sr. M. Aloysia


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