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From Sister Marie-Aloysia Vallée to Thérèse – January 10, 1881

VALLEY Marie-Aloysia Sister
MARTIN Thérèse, Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus


From Sister Marie-Aloysia Vallée to Thérèse.
10th January 1881

V.+ J.

From our Le Mans Monastery
January 10, 1881.

If my little Thérèse is happy to write to her aunt in Le Mans, she is no less happy to reply to her, and would be even more happy to be able to send her pretty New Year gifts. But Pauline had to tell you, dear little one, that this aunt was very poor and that she could only pray for her nieces and especially since she loves them very much. It is therefore from the good Jesus that I ask for you, no more pretty toys or sweets, since you would not know where to put them, both shoes are already full! But very special graces which make you grow “in age and in wisdom” like the divine Child. I know, moreover, from Pauline, that Thérèse is very wise and very obedient, and that she loves the good God and the Blessed Virgin with all her heart. I therefore only wish her to continue and always remain, even as she grows up, a good little girl, for the consolation of her worthy Father and her dear big sisters. In the meantime, my Thérèse, I charge you with my tenderness for Marie, Pauline, Léonie and Céline. So you will kiss them for me. Also continue, dear Child, to sometimes say a little word to the good Lord for this aunt whom you do not know and for her other little nephews, she will be very grateful to you.

Sr. M. Aloysia

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