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From Sister Marie‑Dosithée Guérin to her sister Zélie Martin – July 27, 1858

GUERIN Marie-Louise, Sr Marie-Dosithée
GUERIN Zélie, Mrs. Louis Martin


From Sister Marie‑Dosithée Guérin to her sister Zélie Martin.
VJ (Long Live Jesus)
From our Le Mans Monastery
the 27 July 1858

My dear and good sister
I cannot resist the need I feel to write you a few words, although I could very well say it in person to my Mother. I am very happy that you are happy, I cannot express to the honorable family where you entered all the gratitude that I owe them for all the attentions that they bring you.
You can rest assured about what you told me, I only told our good Mistress (the mistress of the novitiate), trust that your secret (the newlyweds have promised to live in chastity, as brother and sister) will be well guarded she won't tell anyone, she rejoiced that you had embraced such a perfect state; tell Mr. Louis Martin that I love him very much, I regard him as my brother. In my prayers your two names are always together I will be very happy to * [v°] see you, my Mother told me it was August 12 or 13, still don't miss it because I love it exactness.
I still had a lot to tell you, I don't have time, although I really enjoy talking to you.
Please embrace Mr. Martin for me, and assure him of my sincere affection for him.
I `m kissing you with all my heart.
L. Guerin
(Louise Guérin is still only a postulant. She will not take the name of Sister Marie-Dosithée until she takes the habit, February 24, 1859)
of the Visitation of St. Mary
God be blessed.
*[r°tv] Our mistress is willing to accept the book you want to give her, she would like La vie de la Mère Séraphine Bourlier by L. Veuillot, still don't give her the paperback, it will be for her birthday, which is August 15th.

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