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From Mrs. Martin to her brother Isidore Guérin CF 4 – 5 January 1864

GUERIN Zélie, Mrs. Louis Martin
GUERIN Isidore


Letter from Mrs. Martin to her brother Isidore CF 4
5 January 1864.
We received your letter yesterday. It took us a while to wait, we were counting on January 1st and I was starting to get very angry with you, I was calling you ungrateful.
Everyone is doing well. Louis makes you his regards; little Pauline is always cute and lively at the same time; little Léonie (born June 3, 1863) does not come strong, however she is not ill. My Marie is very reasonable, she's already beginning to spell fairly well. She received, as well as her sisters, beautiful New Year's gifts from these young ladies X., who are always very friendly, but hardly think of you! have as many at their service!
I wish you, my dear Isidore, good health, a happy life and good heaven at the end of your days.

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