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From Mrs. Martin to her brother Isidore Guérin CF 17 – 10 December 1865.

GUERIN Zélie, Mrs. Louis Martin
GUERIN Isidore


Letter from Mrs. Martin to her brother Isidore CF 17
December 10, 1865.
We received your letter which gave us the greatest pleasure. I didn't think you were as good, so I had impossible dreams that I dare not relate here, you would laugh at me! I'll tell you if they come true.
My father has a sensitivity that I was far from suspecting; my husband gave him your letter to read; He was crying. We pretended not to notice it, so as not to bother him; finally we were all in the enthusiasm, our heart overflowed with friendship for each other.
You know that my father has long intended to leave the house he lives near us, to occupy his own, rue St‑Blaise (He had acquired it in 1843. It was located at n ° 34, currently 42. This is where Thérèse was to be born, seven years later). This caused me great concern, because this poor father does not know how to manage on his own; I must take care of him in order to prolong his days, otherwise I would be in continual anxiety.
Probably he will have warned his owner, because, yesterday, people came to visit the house; it was going to be rented, I didn't have a single moment to lose. But how to do it ? Unfortunately, the one on rue St-Blaise is vacant and I didn't hope to be able to convince him to put two apartments on his hands. However, I had prayed to the Blessed Virgin that he stay here.
When I spoke to him about this, he threw fire and flame, but I represented to him that I could not do without him, that he was doing me very great services, finally, I conjured him to stay; my husband joined me, he ended up shaking off, he wasn't answering, I was holding him. Imagine seeing him alone until the end of his days, in this house on rue St-Blaise, not near everything he needs! Didn't I do well?
I have yet another matter. I hope you won't be angry. Well ! I told him that we would take care of the rent of his present dwelling during this year, that we would each pay half of it, when you were established, but he does not want that. Finally, weary and overcome by my deluge of words, he left, I followed him step by step to his house. I wanted consent. I didn't get it out loud, he just said weakly, “Leave me alone,” and he started to smile.
I didn't ask for more, I went to redo a three-year lease; now I'm happy, I have peace of mind, you wouldn't believe how much less of a burden I have on my shoulders! But I am going to write to "the saint from Le Mans" [her sister Marie-Dosithée] asking her to pray to God so that the house in rue St-Blaise may be rented, because my father would be tormented more than once if she was not. I'm going to post it all over town.
My little Hélène no longer has a fever, Léonie is also much better.

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