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From Mr. Guérin to Mrs. Martin – November 13, 1866. November 13, 1866.

GUERIN Isidore
GUERIN Zélie, Mrs. Louis Martin


From Mr. Guérin to Mrs. Martin.
November 13, 1866.

Dear Little Sister,

Did you expect to hear from us much sooner? But what would we have taught you? That we spend part of our days in the clouds, that the honeymoon far from being on the horizon shines with its greatest brilliance! All things that you know very well and that it is therefore useless to tell you. - We left Alençon with regret, especially after such a busy week and the cordial and gracious receptions we were given everywhere. The one that gave me the most pleasure is still yours. For I know your habits which, moreover, are the same as those of our whole [1 v°] family, and in which we were brought up, I know your antipathy for ceremonies, and I have seen with what enthusiasm and what cordiality you received us. And me again teasing you. - I will never forgive myself, because I showed brutality, bad heart, and if my wife had not known me already, I am sure that she would have thought that I had no friendship for my family, especially for my little sister Zélie, with whom, however, I had many little squabbles and whose life I couldn't live without despite that... (illegible)
I'm sure you've already forgiven me, because you know that I'm not really bad at heart and that I get carried away easily, especially when I'm teased. [2 r°] Once again, thank you for your reception. Thank you for my good old father who was so happy, this good man, to have such a cute little daughter-in-law, and who in the overflow of his joy took us into church to thank God. Coming back from Alençon, my heart was heavy and I told my wife that I liked this excursion better than all the trips to Paris, so we made up our minds to go back. Too bad for you ! You shouldn't be so friendly. But I want my little Zélie to come and see us.
The pharmacy is doing very badly, for two months there are no patients. All pharmacists complain.
A well-stocked purse would not harm me in any way, after the assaults that mine has received for three months. But the breaches will be filled little by little, it is to be hoped [2v°] although from now on we are in a position to meet our commitments. Since our return, we no longer go out. There are alternating rain and sun, but overall, the weather is not good. - Kiss my good old father for us and tell him that I expect him to come and spend some time with us this winter.
- If you need chocolate or something, write it to me, I'll send it to you, right away. ‑ Kiss Louis and your grandchildren for us and believe in friendship that is great and undiminished by the marriage of your devoted brother.
I. Guerin
My wife embraces you with all her heart as well as your husband and asks you to believe in her sincere friendship.
[1 r°tv] You can write me whatever you want, my wife doesn't read my letters. But if you have something in particular to tell me, it is better to put it on a separate sheet that I can remove without showing it to him.

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