the Carmel

Hymn sent by Sister Aloysia Vallée



(Tune: O filii....)

O Jesus; I love you with love!
I want to sing it to you always,
Any minute of the day!

But "pull me, my sweet Savior,
Always deeper in your Heart,
To spoil me in his sweetness!”

“Since your Heart loves me, O my King,
Oh ! what does he not delight in himself
Mine which is only made for You!”

Like the little halcyon,
On the open sea in his house,
I also want to live in abandonment!

Abandonment to your Good Pleasure
To better let you do it, act
In me according to your only desire!

If you give me... I will take;
If you refuse... I will wait...
Always, Jesus, I will sing:

When your hand presents me
The cross... my heart will embrace it,
And he will always repeat:

O Jesus, in your divine Heart,
I want to throw myself in the morning,
To receive everything from your hand!

With great peace and gentleness,
Telling you again from the bottom of my heart!
“Oh! I trust in you, Lord!”

Finally that your only movement
Direct my heart constantly
In the only present moment!

DSB [God be blessed]

Notes from Mother Agnès in 1941:

At the top of the front of the page: Visitation of Le Mans. Hymn written by one of my teachers: Sr Marie Aloysia. I found today (February 22 1941) this copy. Sr Agnès de Jésus, cdi [unworthy discalced Carmelite]

At the bottom of the back of the page: It has been more than 50 years since Sr Marie Aloysia sent me this copy! I don't know if she composed it.