VHere are the old collections of "little words" kept in the archives of the Carmel of Lisieux.

Some already come from Poitiers, our founding Carmel. We have included the "Novena of Grace."

The draw of these little words (usually at specific parties) was a way for each Carmelite to implore personal guidance from the Holy Spirit. The manual of spiritual direction describes the inner state with which one must draw, for example, the saint of the month: "Holy Spirit, who penetrates the secret of hearts, and who sees clearly the needs of my soul, cast lots for me the Saint whom you wish me to honor, and the virtue which you know I have greatest need of . Holy Virgin, lead my hand to choose the ticket that is most suitable for me".

It is on trust in the action of the Holy Spirit that this practice of drawing lots of little words rests, and its impact on the interior life. Moreover, at a time when the Divine Office was entirely in Latin, this kind of para-liturgy nourished the piety of the sisters.

The draw is done in two ways. If the collection is a set of small cards or sheets, they are placed in a basket and each chooses their own. We can copy it if we wish - Thérèse will do it on occasion. In the case of a bound collection, as for the Gifts of the Child Jesus, each draws a number by lot before knowing the message associated with it. At parties, the words are drawn in recreation and each reads hers to the others.