the Carmel


Recreation is a time of fraternal encounter between the sisters. They who, all day long, live and work in silence, get together for an hour a day (two hours in summer) to chat and do odd jobs such as sewing or even peeling vegetables. Recreation took place in the chauffoir, the only heated room in the Carmel. In summer, it could take place in the garden.


The heater

We can see on the left of the photo the only chimney of the monastery. It was here that Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart suggested to Mother Agnès of Jesus that she order Saint Thérèse to write down her childhood memories: the manuscript A.


Chimney of the boiler room, surmounted by statues of the two reformers of Carmel: Saint John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Avila, and in the middle a statue of the Virgin of the Sheep.

Sainte-Therese-de-Lisieux 17

Recreation in the alley of chestnut trees

Recreation in the garden

Photo after Thérèse's death (1916). The Carmelites are here in the garden, in the same place as the photo n°35 of Thérèse (the hay). We can see Mother Agnès holding a book (6th from the left).