the Carmel


Everything you need to know about meals and reading in the refectory


Le refectory seen from the bottom. We can see on the far right the banister of the small staircase of the pulpit for the reader. The table of the prioress and sub-prioress is under the crucifix on the wall. The back door on the right overlooks St Alexis and the staircase leading up to the priorat and the corridor of the cells.


for another view overlooking the cloister with on the left the table of the prioress.


Le refectory seen from the other side. We see Marie Guérin preparing the tables, and in the background the chair of the reader - remember that the meals were taken while listening to the reading made by a sister.


Preparation of the table with distribution of bread.


Stoup and cross at the entrance to the refectory - 40 x 17 cm

cutlery-refectory meal

What the sister found in its place (missing the towel)


The jugs with their cover.

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