the Carmel

Saint Madeleine Hermitage

Small cave at the end of the cemetery where a bench allows you to settle down there as in a hermitage.

Therese experienced a special grace there: "She told me of another grace of this kind received in the grotto of Ste Madeleine, in the month of July 1889, a grace which was followed by several days of 'quietude'. ... It there was like a veil thrown for me over all things on earth... I was completely hidden under the veil of the Blessed Virgin. At that time, I had been put in charge of the refectory and I remember that I was doing things like not doing them, it was like I had been lent a body. I stayed that way for a whole week." July 11 Yellow Notebook.


We see here a recent photo, taken under the snow. The large cross is not contemporary, nor the statue of the Virgin.