the Carmel

Hermitage of the Holy Face

Small hermitage located in the middle of the meadow and covered with a bushy vine that gradually covered the arbor from Les Buissonnets.

From the window of the infirmary, Thérèse spoke of this hermitage on August 28, 1897 to Mother Agnès:

"Do you see the black hole over there under the chestnut trees near the cemetery [he is behind in the angle], where nothing can be distinguished; it is in a hole like that that I am for the soul and for the body. Ah! yes, what darkness! But I am there in peace."

Yellow notebook August 28, 1897

It can be seen roughly in the center of the photo, forming a small bell of greenery.



There was a small cave structure at the bottom that housed a reproduction of the Veil of Veronica painted by Therese.