the Carmel


A small cemetery enclosed along the outer wall houses the ancient tombs of a few sisters. It was erected in January 1842, for the death of Mother Elisabeth of Saint-Louis, after an epic battle with the city. Despite the refusal of the mayor, permission was finally granted by the Prefect of the Department. The sisters who died afterwards were buried in the town cemetery, but exhumed and brought back to the fence when the mayor showed himself in favor of it, following electoral changes! This solution continued until 1877, when the community understood that the city and its citizens would no longer tolerate this practice which had been prohibited since 1804. Land was then purchased in the city cemetery, erecting a small wall around it, and Sr St Dosithée was the first to use it. Ten years later, this little piece of land was filled and Mr. Guérin, anticipating the imminent death of his niece Thérèse, bought a second piece of land for the community where, on October 4, 1897, Thérèse was the first to be buried.



Sisters buried in the cemetery, by date of death :

Mother Elisabeth of Saint Louis 1877–1842
Sister Saint Charles of the Immaculate Conception 1820–1842
Sister Saint Peter of the Heart of Mary 1827–1844
Sister Mercy of the Sacred Hearts
Sister Radegonde of the Heart of Jesus 1815–1852
Sister Mary of Jesus 1836–1862
Sister Aimee of Marie 1818–1870
Sister Louise of the Heart of Jesus 1799–1871 
Mother Therese of Saint Joseph 1808–1873
Mother Isabella of the Angels 1815–1877 
Sister Adelaide of Providence 1813–1881
Sister Mary of the Cross 1812–1882