the Carmel

Alley of the chestnut trees


The aisle seen with Thérèse's chair for her last months (used by Mr. Martin on his return from the Bon-Sauveur). The monastery is on the right and the cemetery in the background. Remember that the photographer uses a wide-angle lens here, which transforms the alley into a very long path.

When the weather is nice, recreation takes place in the garden. Here, in the alley of chestnut trees.

chestnut trees2

We can see opposite the nudity of these trees when they are pruned, which once saddened Thérèse:

"At first it was a bitter sadness and great battles at the same time. I loved the shade so much! and there wouldn't be any this year. The already green branches were in bundles on the ground, nothing left but trunks Then, suddenly, I put myself on top, saying to myself: If I were in another Carmel, what would it matter to me if they cut down, even completely, the chestnut trees of the Carmel of Lisieux! I experienced great peace and heavenly joy."

Yellow notebook of September 24, word 2