the Carmel

Preparatory notes by Sister Saint-Stanislas


It is in the name of the Most Holy Trinity that I, Sr St Stanislas having been several years in the same jobs with my Sr Thérèse of the EJ and of the Holy Face, I have always seen him practice the virtue of a heroic way, and that I never noticed an imperfection. She never gave me any thought about what I asked her to do, always with great regularity in everything. On the death of her Father, she suffered a lot, but in silence and in all the painful circumstances, I always noticed in this dear sister a great strength of soul......

When her sister was not re-elected to the priorate, her conduct was admirable, she had a moment of pain which I was the only one to notice, and for me I was very edified. In the illness that led her to the grave despite her great suffering, I did not see any sign on her face that showed that she was suffering a lot: never a complaint!

I wrote this in case I should die, and could not make it known, but for the greater glory of God, and the glorification of his servant, the eve of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of the year 1906

Sr Stanislas of the Sacred Hearts rci