Julie-Marie Malville 1820-1892
Lay sister

We don't have any photos of Sister Fébronie.

Despite the death of Sister Fébronie before Thérèse, we have a testimony, coming from Thérèse herself :

She recounts in Manuscript A (folio 70 back) that she then had difficulty opening up to Sister Marie des Anges, her novice mistress, and this did not escape Mother Fébronie, the sub-prioress, who at the age of 68 soon saw clearly and deep in the soul of the postulant.

“A good old mother understood one day how I felt, she said to me laughing at recess: “My little girl, it seems to me that you must not have much to say to your superiors.”
"Why, Mother, do you say that?...
— Because your soul is extremely simple, but when you are perfect, you will be even simpler; the closer we get to the Good Lord, the more we simplify ourselves.”

The good Mother was right”, concludes Thérèse.

Manuscript A, 70v