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Live on love!... - PN 17

(Aria from the cant. - He is mine.)

1. On the evening of Love, speaking without a parable
Jesus said: "If someone wants to love me
All his life, let him keep my Word
My father and I will come to visit it.
And of his heart making our home
Coming to him, we will always love him!
Filled with peace, we want him to stay
In our Love!...»

2. To live on Love is to keep yourself
Uncreated Word, Word of my God,
Ah! you know it, divine Jesus, I love you
The Spirit of Love sets me ablaze with its fire
It is by loving you that I attract the Father
My weak heart guards it without return.
O Trinity! you are a prisoner
Of my Love!.....

3. To live on Love is to live from your life,
Glorious King, delight of the elect.
You live for me, hidden in a host
I want to hide myself for you, O Jesus!
Lovers need solitude
A heart to heart that lasts night and day
Your only look makes my bliss
I live on Love!...

4. Living on Love is not on earth
Set up your tent at the top of Tabor.
With Jesus is to climb Calvary,
It is to regard the Cross as a treasure!...
In Heaven I must live of enjoyment
Then the trial will have fled forever
But exiled I want in suffering
Live on love.

5. To live on Love is to give without measure
Without claiming wages here below
Ah! without counting, I give being sure
That when one loves, one does not calculate!...
To the Divine Heart, overflowing with tenderness
I gave it my all.... lightly I run
I have nothing left but my only wealth
Live on love.

6. To live on Love is to banish all fear
Any remembrance of past faults.
Of my sins I see no trace,
In an instant love burned everything...
Divine flame, O most sweet Furnace!
In your hearth I fix my stay
It is in your fires that I sing at my ease:
“I live on Love!...”

7. To live on Love is to keep within oneself
A great treasure in a mortal vessel
My Beloved, my weakness is extreme
Ah, I am far from being an angel from heaven!...
But if I fall with each passing hour
Picking me up you come to my aid,
Every moment you give me your grace
I live on Love.

8. To live on Love is to navigate ceaselessly
Sowing peace, joy in all hearts
Pilot Aimé, Charity urges me
Because I see you in the souls my sisters
Charity is my only star
In its clarity I sail without detour
I have my motto written on my sail:
"Live on love."

9. Living on Love, when Jesus sleeps
It's rest on the stormy waves
Oh ! do not be afraid, Lord, that I will awaken you
I wait in peace for the shore of heaven....
Faith will soon tear its veil
My hope is to see you one day
Charity swells and pushes my sail
I live on Love!...

10. To live on Love is, O my Divine Master
Begging you to spread your fires
In the holy and sacred soul of your Priest
May he be purer than a seraph of heaven!...
Ah! glorify your Immortal Church
To my sighs, Jesus, don't be deaf
Me, her child, I immolate myself for her
I live on Love.

11. To live on Love is to wipe your Face
It is to obtain forgiveness from sinners
O God of Love! may they come into your grace
And may they bless your name forever...
Until my heart resounds blasphemy
To erase it, I always want to sing:
“Your Sacred Name, I adore it and I Love it
I live on Love!...”

12. To live on Love is to imitate Mary,
Bathed in tears, in precious perfumes,
Your divine feet, which she kisses delighted
Wiping them with her long hair...
Then rising, she breaks the vase
Your Sweet Face it embalms in its turn.
Me, the perfume with which I perfume your Face
It's my love !....

13. “To live on Love, what strange madness!”
The world tells me, “Ah! stop singing,
Don't waste your perfumes, your life,
Usefully know how to use them!...»
To love you, Jesus, what a fruitful loss!...
All my perfumes are yours without return,
I want to sing out of this world:
“I am dying of Love!”

14. Dying of Love is a very sweet martyrdom
And it's the one I would like to suffer,
O Cherubim! tune your lyre,
Because I feel it, my exile will end!....
Flame of Love, consume me ceaselessly
Live for a moment, your burden is very heavy for me!
Divine Jesus, realize my dream:
Die of Love!...

15. To die of love is my hope
When I see my bonds breaking
My God will be my Great Reward
I don't want to own anything else.
Of his Love I want to be set ablaze
I want to see Him, unite myself to Him always
Here is my Heaven... here is my destiny:
Live on love !!!...

Dating: 26th February 1895
Recipient : Therese herself
Poem conceived and memorized during the three days preceding Ash Wednesday 1895, and written down on Tuesday evening

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