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Saint Cecilia - PN 03

While the instruments sounded Cecilia sang in her heart... (Office of the Church)

O beloved Saint, delighted, I contemplate
The luminous wake living on after you.
I still seem to hear your sweet melody.
Yes, your celestial song reaches even to me.
Listen to the prayer of my exiled soul.
Let me rest on your virginal heart,
That immaculate lily that shone on earth
With a marvelous luster, almost without equal.

O very chaste Dove, while going through life
You sought no other spouse but Jesus.
Having chosen your soul, He united Himself with it,
Finding it perfumed with all the virtues.
However, a mortal man, radiant with youth,
Breathed in your perfume, white and celestial flower!
In order to pluck you, to win your affection,
Valerian wanted to give you his whole heart.
Soon he prepared magnificent nuptials,
His palace resounded with melodious songs...
But your virginal heart repeated canticals
Whose truly divine echo rose right up to the Heavens!
What could you sing, so far from your Homeland,
And seeing this fragile mortal so close to you ?
Undoubtedly you wanted to surrender your life
And unite yourself forever to Jesus in Heaven...
But no... I hear your seraphic lyre sounding,
Your love's lyre with strains so sweet.
You sang this sublime canticle to the Lord :
“Keep my heart pure, Jesus my tender Spouse!”
Ineffable abandonment! Divine melody!
You disclose your love through your celestial song.
Love that fears not, that falls asleep and forgets itself
On the Heart of God, like a little child...

In the azure canopy appeared the white star
Coming with its timid fire to enlighten
The luminous night that lifted the veil for us
On the virginal love of spouses in Heaven...

Then Valerian dreamed of pleasure.
Cecilia, your love was his only desire...
He found happiness in your noble marriage.
You showed him life that never ends.
'Young friend," you told him, "an angel of the Lord
Always keeps vigil near me to keep my heart pure.
He does not leave me, even when I sleep.
He joyfully covers me with his azure wings.
At night, I see his lovable face shine.
With a brightness so much sweeter than the morning light,
His face seems the transparent image,
The pure radiance of the divine face. »
Valerian replied: "Show me this fair Angel
That I may believe in your oath.
Otherwise, begin fearing that my love change
Into terrible fury, into hatred of you..."

O Dove hidden in the cleft of the rock!
You did not dread the hunter's snare.
The Face of Jesus revealed its light to you,
The sacred Gospels rested on your heart...
You replied at once with a sweet smile:
"My Heavenly Guardian grants your desire,
Soon you will see him, he will deign to tell you
That to fly to the skies, you must be a martyr.
But before seeing him, baptism
Must pour out a holy whiteness into your soul.
The true God must dwell there alone.
The Holy Spirit must be the life of your heart.
The Word, Son of God and Son of Mary,
In his great love sacrifices himself on the altar.
You must go sit at the Banquet of Life
To receive Jesus, the Bread of Heaven.
Then the Seraphim will call you his brother,
And seeing in your heart the throne of his God
He will have you leave earth's shores.
You will see the dwelling of this spirit of fire."
"I sense my heart burning with a new flame,"
Cried the ardent patrician in his joy.
"I want the true God to dwell in my soul.
Cecilia, my love will be worthy of yours!..."

Clothed in the robe, the emblem of innocence,
Valerian was able to see the fair angel of Heaven.
Enraptured, he contemplated his sublime power.
He saw the sweet brightness of his radiant brow.
The brilliant seraphim held fresh roses
Mixed with beautiful lilies, dazzlingly white.
In the gardens of Heavens, these flowers had opened
Under the Creator Star's rays of Love.

"Spouses loved by Heaven, the roses of martyrdom
Shall crown your brows," says the angel of the Lord.
"There are no voices, there is no lyre
Able to sing of this great favor!
I lose myself in my God, I contemplate his charms,
But I cannot sacrifice myself and suffer for him.
I can give him neither my blood nor my tears.
Despite all my love, I cannot die...
The angel's purity is his brilliant lot.
His great joy will never end,
But you have the advantage over the Seraphim.
You can be pure, and you can suffer!...

You see the symbol of virginity
In these fragrant lilies sent to you by the Lamb
You will be crowned with the white halo,
You will always sing the new song.
Your chaste union will give birth to souls
Who will seek no other husband than Jesus,
You will see them shine like pure flames,
Near the divine throne, at the abode of the elect. »

Cecilia, lend me your sweet melody.
I would like to convert so many hearts to Jesus!
Like you, I would like to sacrifice my life.
I would like to give him both my blood and my tears...
Obtain for me to taste perfect abandonment,
That sweet fruit of love, on this foreign shore.
O my dear Saint! soon, far from earth,
Obtain for me to fly beside you forever...

April 28, 1894

Dating: April 28th
Recipient : Celine (Sr Genevieve)
The poem is written for the birthday of Céline, born in Alençon on April 28, 1869. The latter then takes care of her sick father, who has returned from the Bon Sauveur, and she dreams of a little love. Therese, she dreams of Carmel for her dear sister, and she joins this poem to a letter that explains it well. LT-161.

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