the Carmel

You who know my extreme smallness - PS 08

1. You who know my extreme smallness
You are not afraid to stoop to me!
Come into my heart, O white Host that I love,
Come into my heart, it longs for you!
Ah! I would like your goodness to leave me
To die of love after this favor.
Jesus! hear the cry of my tenderness.
Come into my heart!

Dating: a few days before July 16, 1897
Recipient: Therese herself.
Surprised to have been able to compose this last poem during insomnia, Thérèse admits: "I composed it very easily, it's extraordinary!" see CJ 13.7.4. It will be sung by Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guérin) in the infirmary, before communion on July 16 (cf. LT 255)

Original missing; facsimile of session 19 of the PO transcribed by the Benedictines of Bayeux.

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