the Carmel

For fifty years - PS 03

For fifty years on earth
You smell of your virtues
Our humble little monastery,
The Palace of the King of the Chosen.

Let's sing, let's sing the happy entrance
From the Dean of Carmel
With all our hearts she is loved
Like a sweet present from Heaven.

You got us all
When we enter this stay
Your kindnesses are well known to us
As well as your tender love.

Soon a better party
Will come to rejoice all our hearts
We'll lay on your head
Singing, new flowers.

Dating: April 6, 1895 or January 15, 1896
Recipient: Saint Stanislaus
This composition was made either to commemorate the entry of Sister Saint Stanislas on April 6, 1845, or her taking of the habit on January 15, 1846.

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