the Carmel

O Hidden God - PS 01

O God hidden under the features of childhood
I see in you the monarch of heaven
I recognize your greatness, your power
To the sweet shine that shines in your eyes.
If you wanted, a thousand legions of angels
At your call would come to form your court.
Of golden stars scattering your humble nappies
They would sing of your ineffable love.

A. 1 I see on the foreign shore
And still unable to speak
My God, my Savior and my Brother
Having neither scepter nor treasure.
Adoring this deep mystery
Divine King, I offer you my gold.

O King of Heaven, you come to this earth
Wanting to save the human race your brother.
For your love, oh! I would like to suffer!
Because for me you want to die one day
Of your pains I offer you the symbol.
Seeing your bloody halo shine
Ah! I would like to win all your hearts
Divine Jesus, to wipe away your tears.

R.2 Receive the myrrh, O King of Heaven Since you want to be mortal.

Dating: January 6, 1896 or 1897
Recipient: for the community on an Epiphany day

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