the Carmel

For a Sainte-Marthe - PS 05

Most Noble Sisters of the White Veil
Celebrating you makes our hearts happy.

To Sister Marie of the Incarnation
We offer navigation
And this pretty little boat
Mam'zelle Henriette will find him handsome.

We offer Sister Saint Vincent
This dapper little pug
barking near his garden
He will be a very good keeper.

We offer dear Marthon
This cute little pig
As a mount it will serve him
When he hunts rats.

To celebrate Mélanie Lebon
It's up to Baptiste to set the tone
He presents her with a little cat
Who will serve as a dish washer.

How to say to offer this pitcher
Ah! we really don't know
My daddy, here comes the Magister
Let's run away, he has his grand air!

Dating: July 29, 1896
Recipient: the lay sisters Marie de l'Incarnation, Saint Vincent de Paul, Marthe de Jesus and Marie Madeleine, traditionally celebrated on the day of Saint Martha.

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