the Carmel

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PN 01            The Divine Dew or the Virgin Milk of Mary

PN 02              To Our Dear Mistress and Mother on celebrating her 60th birthday

PN 03              Sainte Cécile

PN 04              Canticle to obtain the Canonization of the Venerable Joan of Arc

PN 05              my song today

PN 06              The Portrait of a Soul I Love

PN 07              Song of gratitude to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

PN 08              Prayer of the Child of a Saint

PN 09              Prayer of an exiled child

PN 10              Story of a Shepherdess who became Queen

PN 11              For the taking of the habit of Marie-Agnès of the Holy Face

PN 12              It is near you, Virgin Mary

PN 13              The Queen of Heaven to her beloved child Marie de la Sainte Face

PN 14              To Our Father Saint Joseph

PN 15              The atom of the Sacred Heart

PN 16              Song of Gratitude of the Bride of Jesus

PN 17 Live on love

PN 18              Celine's Song

PN 18bis        Who has Jesus has Everything

PN 19              The atom of Jesus-Host

PN 20              My Heaven here below!...

PN 21              Song of a soul having found its resting place!...

PN 22              To my Dear Mother the Beautiful Angel of my childhood

PN 23              To the Sacred Heart of Jesus

PN 24              Jesus, my Beloved, remember!...

PN 25              My Desires with Jesus hidden in his Prison of Love

PN 26              The Responses of Saint Agnes

PN 27              Souvenir of February 24, 1896

PN 28              The Eternal Song sung from exile

PN 29              Souvenir of April 30, 1896

PN 30              Glose on the Divine

PN 31              The Canticle of Sister Marie of the Trinity and the Holy Face

PN 32              My Heaven to Me!...

PN 33              What I will soon see for the First time!...

PN 34              throw flowers

PN 35              To Our Lady of Victories Queen of Virgins, Apostles and Martyrs

PN 36              jesus alone

PN 37              It's a sad festive bouquet

PN 38              Confidence of Jesus to Thérèse

PN 39              A Holy and Famous Doctor

PN 40              The Sacristans of Carmel

PN 41              how i want to love

PN 42              Child you know my name

PN 43              The Aviary of the Child Jesus

PN 44              To my Little Brothers in Heaven

PN 45              My joy !

PN 46              To my guardian angel

PN 47              To Théophane Venard

PN 48              My Weapons

PN 49              To Our Lady of Perpetual Help

PN 50              To Joan of Arc

PN 51              A leafless rose

PN 52              Surrender is the delicious fruit of love

PN 53              For Sr Marie of the Trinity

PN 54              Why do I love you, O Mary!

PS1                  O hidden God

PS2                  in the east

PS3                  For fifty years

PS4                  Heaven is the price

PS5                  For a Sainte-Marthe

PS6                  Me too, beloved Mother

PS7                  Silence is the sweet language

PS8                  You who know my extreme smallness

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