the Carmel

The Portrait of a Soul I Love - PN 06

Feast of the Sacred Heart


Mary of the Sacred Heart


I know a very loving heart, a soul
Gifted from Heaven with a sublime Faith.
Nothing here below can delight this ardent soul:
There is only Jesus whom she calls her King.
In short, this beautiful soul is great and generous,

Both sweet and lively, always humble of heart.
A far-off horizon... a bright star

Are often enough to unite her to the Lord.
I used to see her loving her independence,
Looking for pure joy and true freedom....
Spreading good deeds was her delight,
And forgetting herself, her only wish!....

It was the divine Heart that captivated this soul,
The work of his love, worthy of the Creator.
One day I shall see her, like a pure flame,
Shining in Heaven close to the Sacred Heart.

The heart of a grateful child

Dating: 1er June 1894
Recipient: Mary of the Sacred Heart, for the feast of the Sacred Heart.
With this poem, Thérèse makes an additional and personal little gift, intended for her big sister and godmother for her birthday. An acrostic is a poem written in such a way that by reading the first letter of each verse vertically, we find the name of the recipient.

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