the Carmel

Abandonment is the delicious fruit of love - PN 52

J M. J T.

 31th May 1897

1. He is on this earth
A marvelous tree
Its root, O mystery!
Is in Heaven....

2. Never under its shade
Nothing can hurt
There without fear of the storm
We can rest.

3. From this Ineffable Tree
Love is the name,
And its delectable fruit
Is called Abandonment.

4. This fruit from this life
gives me happiness
My soul is happy
By its divine smell.

5. This fruit when I touch it
Seems like a treasure to me
Bringing it to my mouth
He is even sweeter to me.

6. He gives me into this world
An ocean of peace
In this deep peace
I rest forever...

7. Only Surrender Delivers Me
In your arms, oh Jesus
It is he who makes me live
Of the lives of the elect.

8. To you I surrender myself
O my Divine Spouse
And I am not ambitious
That your gaze so sweet.

9. I want to smile at you
falling asleep on your heart
I want to say it again
How I love you, Lord!

10. Like the daisy
With the vermilion chalice
Me little flower
I open myself to the sun.

11. My Sweet Sun of Life
O my Loving King
It is your Divine Host
Little like me...

12. Of his Celestial Flame
The bright ray
Birth in my soul
The perfect Surrender.

13. All Creatures
can leave me
I will know without whispers
Near you I do without.

14. What If You Leave Me
O my divine treasure
Deprived of your caresses
I want to smile again.

15. In Peace I Will Wait
Sweet Jesus, your return
And never suspend
My songs of love.

16. No, nothing worries me
Nothing can trouble me
Higher than the lark
My soul knows how to fly.

17. Above the Clouds
The sky is always blue
We touch the shores
Where the Good Lord reigns.

18. I Await Glory in Peace
From heavenly abode
Because I find
Ciborium The sweet Fruit of Love!

Dating: 31th May 1897
Recipient: Thérèse of St Augustin, at her request.
Thérèse of St Augustine had made, we learn from her circular, the vow of abandonment to the good pleasure of God.

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