the Carmel

A leafless rose - PN 51


May 19, 1897

1. Jesus, when I see you supported by your Mother
leave his arms
Try trembling on our sad land
your first steps
In front of you I would like pluck a rose
In its freshness
So that your little foot gently rests
On a flower!...

2. This leafless rose, it is the faithful image
Divine Child
From the heart that wants to immolate itself without sharing for you
Every moment.
Lord, on your altars more than one fresh rose
love to shine
She gives herself to you..... but I dream of something else:
«It's stripping me!...»

3. The rose in its brilliance can embellish your party
Kind Child,
More the leafless rose, we just throw it away
By the wind.
A leafless rose without research is given
To be no more.
Like her with happiness to you I abandon myself
Little Jesus.

4. One walks without regret on rose leaves
And these debris
Are a simple ornament that without art we dispose
I understood it.
Jesus, for your love I lavished my life
My future
In the eyes of mortals Pink for ever withered
I must die ! ...

5.For you, I've got to die, Child, Supreme Beauty
What a happy fate!
I want in stripping me prove to you that I love you
O my treasure!...
under your childish steps, I want with mystery
live down here
And I would still like to soften at Calvary
Your last steps!....

Dating: 19th May 1897
Recipient: Mother Henriette of the Carmel of Paris, avenue de Messine, at her request.
After poem n° 34 "Throwing flowers", Thérèse elaborates in depth. We know that Mother Henriette, via Marie de la Trinité, asked for a final verse on the reward in heaven for this stripped rose. Therese replied: "Let the good Mother make this couplet herself..."

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