the Carmel

To Our Lady of Perpetual Help - PN 49


(1st Verse)

Mother dear, from my tender youth
Your sweet Image has captured my heart
In your eyes I read your tenderness
And near you I found happiness.

Virgin Mary, on the Celestial Shore
After exile I will always go to see you
But down here your sweet Image
It is my Perpetual Help!...

(2nd Verse)

When I was wise and very obedient
It seemed to me that you were smiling at me
And if sometimes I was a little mean
I thought I saw that you were crying over me...

(3nd Verse)

By granting my naive prayer
You showed me your maternal love
Contemplating you I found on earth
A taste of Heaven's delights.

(4nd Verse)

When I struggle, oh my dear Mother
In the fight you strengthen my heart
Because you know it, on the evening of this life
I want to offer Priests to the Lord!...

(5nd Verse)

Always, always Image of my Mother
Yes you will be my happiness, my treasure.
And I would like at my last hour
May my gaze be fixed on you again.

(Last Chorus)
Then flying to the celestial shore
I will sit, Mother, on your lap
Then I will be able without sharing
To receive your kisses so sweet!...

Remembrance of a Blessed Retreat - March 1897

(Thérèse of the Child Jesus to her little Sister)

Dating: March 1897
Recipient: Mary of the Trinity, at her request.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help was loved from childhood by Mary of the Trinity.

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