the Carmel

My Weapons - PN 48

(Song composed for the day of a profession)
(Tune: Go, Heralds of the Good Tidings)
"Put on the armor of God, that you may resist the ambushes of the enemy." (St Paul.)
"The King's Wife is terrible as an army arrayed in battle,
it is like a choir in an army camp.” (Cant. of cant.)

1. Of the Almighty I have taken up arms
His divine hand deigned to adorn me
Nothing now causes me alarm
From his love that can separate me?
At his side, rushing into the arena
I would fear neither iron nor fire
My enemies will know that I am queen
That I am the bride of a God!
O my Jesus! I will keep the armor
That I put on under your adored eyes
Until the evening of life, my most beautiful adornment
Will be my sacred Vows!

2. O Poverty, my first sacrifice
Until death you will follow me everywhere
Because I know it, to run in the lists
The athlete must detach himself from everything
Taste, worldlings, remorse and grief
These bitter fruits of your vanity.
Joyfully, I gather in the arena
The Palms of Poverty.
Jesus said: "It is by violence
Let the Kingdom of Heaven be ravished. »
Well! Poverty will serve me as a Spear
From Glorious Helmet.

3. Chastity makes me the sister of angels
Of these pure and victorious Spirits.
I hope one day to fly in their knuckles
But in exile I have to fight like them.
I have to fight without rest and without truce
For my Spouse the Lord of lords
Chastity is the heavenly sword
Who can conquer her hearts
Chastity is my invincible weapon
My enemies by her are vanquished
Through it I become, O unspeakable happiness!
The Bride of Jesus.

4. The proud angel within the light
Cried, "I will not obey!"
Me, I cry out in the night of the earth
"I always want to obey here below."
I feel in me a holy audacity being born
From all hell I brave the fury
Obedience is my strong Breastplate
And the shield of my heart
God of Hosts, I don't want any other glories
Than to submit in all my will
Since the Obedient will repeat his victories
All Eternity.

5. If of the Warrior I have the powerful weapons
If I imitate him and fight valiantly
Like the Virgin of ravishing graces
I also want to sing while fighting
You make the strings vibrate with your lyre
And this lyre, O Jesus, is my heart!
So I can from your mercies
Sing of strength and sweetness
Smiling, I brave grapeshot
And in your arms, oh my Divine Spouse
Singing I will die, on the battlefield
Arms in hand!...

Dating: March 25, 1897
Recipient: Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guérin) for her profession.
These couplets on the vows are sung in the evening in community, around the young professed.

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