the Carmel

The Aviary of the Child Jesus - PN 43

(Air: Au Rossignol)

1. For exiles from the earth
The Good Lord created the birds
They go chirping their prayer
In the valleys, on the hillsides.

2. Joyful and fickle children
Having chosen their favorites
Imprison them in cages
Whose bars are all gilded.

3. O Jesus! our little brother
For us you leave the beautiful sky
But you know it well, your aviary
Divine Child, it is Carmel.

4. Our cage is not golden
However we cherish it
In the woods, the azure plain
We will never steal again.

5. Jesus, the groves of this world
Can't please us
In deep loneliness
For you alone we want to sing.

6. Your little hand attracts us
Child, how beautiful are your charms!
O Divine Jesus! your smile
Captivate the little birds!....

7. Here the simple and candid soul
Find the object of his love
Like the shy dove
She no longer fears the vulture.

8. On the Wings of Prayer
We see the ardent heart rising
Like the light lark
Who very high goes away singing.

9. Here we hear the warbling
Of the wren, of the merry chaffinch
O Baby Jesus! in their cage
Your birds are chirping your name.

10. The little bird always sings
His life does not worry him,
A grain of millet satisfies him
He never sows here below.

11. Like him in our aviary
We receive everything from your hand
The only thing necessary
It is to love you, Divine Child.

12. Also we sing your praises
United with the pure spirits of Heaven
And we know it, all the angels
Love the birds of Carmel.

13. Jesus, to wipe away the tears
What do sinners make you pay
Your birds repeat your charms
Their sweet songs win you hearts.

14. A Day Away From Sad Land
When they hear your call
All the birds in your aviary
Will soar to Heaven.

15. With the charming knuckles
Cheerful little Cherubim
O Divine Child, your praises
We will sing them in Heaven.

Dating: Christmas 1896
Recipient: for the community on Christmas Eve.

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