the Carmel

How I want to love - PN 41


To Sr St Jean de la X

1. Divine Jesus, hear my prayer
With my love I want to make you happy
You know it well, only you I want to please
Deign to fulfill my most ardent desire.
From sad exile I accept the trials
To charm you and comfort your heart
But in love changes all my works
O my Spouse, my Beloved Saviour.

2. It is your love, Jesus, that I claim
It's your love that must transform me
Put in my heart your consuming flame
And I could bless you and love you
Yes I could love you as one loves
And bless you like we do in heaven
I will love you with this love itself
Of which you loved me, Jesus Eternal Word.

3. Divine Saviour, at the end of my life
Come get me, without a shadow of delay
Ah! show me your infinite tenderness
And the sweetness of your divine gaze
With love, oh! your voice is calling me
Saying to me: Come, all is forgiven
Rest, my faithful wife
Come on my heart, you loved me very much.

Dating: end of 1896
Recipient: Saint John of the Cross, at his request
Thérèse succeeds in expressing thoughts no doubt transmitted by her colleague, in a poem that will join many others.

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