the Carmel

The Sacristines of Carmel - PN 40

1. Here below our sweet office
Is to prepare for the altar,
The bread, the wine of the Sacrifice
Who gives to the earth: "Heaven!"

2. Heaven, O supreme mystery!
hides under a humble bread
For Heaven is Jesus Himself,
Coming to us every morning.

3. There are no queens on earth
Who are happier than us.
Our office is a prayer
Who unites us to our Spouse.

4. The highest honors in this world
Can't compare
To heavenly and profound peace
That Jesus makes us savor.

5. We carry a holy envy
At the work of our hand,
To the small and white host
Who must veil the divine Lamb.

6. But his love chose us
He is our Bridegroom, our Friend.
We are also hosts
That Jesus wants to change in Him.

7. Sublime Mission of the Priest,
You become ours here below
Transformed by the Divine Master
It is He who directs our steps.

8. We must help the apostles
Through our prayers, our love
Their battlefields are ours
For them we fight every day.

9. The Hidden God of the Tabernacle
which also hides in our hearts
In our voice, oh what a miracle!
Deign to forgive sinners!

10. Our Happiness and Glory
It is to work for Jesus.
Her beautiful sky here is the ciborium
That we want to fill with chosen ones!...

Dating: November 1896
Recipient: Marie-Philomène of Jesus, at her request, and intended for all sacristans. Marie-Philomène was the head of the altar bread workshop. In the sacristy itself, we found Marie des Anges, already old, and Thérèse.

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