the Carmel

Confidence of Jesus to Thérèse - PN 38


21 August 1896 

1. Jesus, hear my prayer
Fulfill my burning desire.
Exiles an angel to earth,
Give Jeanne a little child!...

2. It's been a long time to wait
This little exile from Heaven.....
But Lord, you make me understand
Your mysterious silence.

3. Yes you tell me by your silence:
“Up to Heaven your sighs rise,
I have to do violence to myself
So as not to fulfill your desires.”

4. “This is no ordinary angel
That I want to give to your sister
Also I like in the mystery
To train his soul and his heart.

5. “I myself embellish this soul,
Of my treasures I donate to him
But in return... ah I claim!
From Jeanne a perfect Abandonment...»

6. “With exquisite tenderness
I have it with my hand
Since she owes my Church
Give: A Pontiff, a great Saint!”

Dating: August 21, 1896
Recipient: Jeanne La Neele
On the occasion of the feast of Joan

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