the Carmel

To Our Lady of Victories Queen of Virgins, Apostles and Martyrs - PN 35

July 16 1896

1. You who fulfill my hope,
O Mother! listen to the humble song
Of love and gratitude
Which comes from the heart of your child.....

2. To the Works of a Missionary
You united me without return,
By the bonds of prayer
of pain and love

3. It's up to him to cross the earth
To preach the name of Jesus.
Mine, in shadow and mystery
To practice humble virtues.

4. Suffering, I claim it,
I love and desire the Cross....
To help save a soul
I would like to die a thousand times!........

5. Oh! for Conqueror of Souls
I want to immolate myself in Carmel
And through Him spread the flames
That Jesus brought from Heaven.

6. By Him, what a delightful mystery,
To the Eastern Su-Tchuen
I could of my tender Mother
To make the virginal name loved!...

7. In my deep loneliness,
Marie... I want to win hearts.
By your Apostle, at the end of the world
I will convert sinners...

8. By Him, the holy water of baptism,
From the little one-day-old child
Will make the temple where God Himself
Deign to dwell in his love.

9. I want to populate little angels
The shining eternal stay...
By Him, childish phalanxes
Will soar to Heaven!...

10. The palm that my soul envies,
Through Him, I will be able to pick it,
Oh what hope! Dear Mother
I will be the sister of a martyr! ! !. . . . .

11. After the exile of this life
On the evening of the glorious battle
We will enjoy in the Fatherland
Fruits of our apostolate.

12. To Him the Honor of Victory
Before the Army of the Blessed
To me... the reflection of his Glory
Forever in Heaven!.....
The little sister of a Missionary.

Dating: July 16, 1896
Recipient: for Fr. Roulland
Spontaneous composition, where Thérèse vividly expresses her missionary flame for her brother ready to embark for China.

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