the Carmel

Throw flowers - PN 34

(Air: Yes I believe so)

1. Jesus, my only Love, at the foot of your Calvary
How I love to throw Flowers at you every evening!...
By stripping the spring rose for you
I would like to wipe away your tears...

R.1 To throw flowers is to offer yourself as firstfruits
The slightest sighs, the greatest pains.
My sorrows and my joys, my little sacrifices
Here are my flowers!

2. Lord, my soul fell in love with your beauty,
I want to lavish you with my perfumes and my flowers
Throwing them for you on the wing of the breeze
I would like to ignite the hearts!....

R.2 Throwing Flowers, Jesus, this is my weapon
When I want to fight to save sinners
Victory is mine....always I disarm you
With my flowers !!!...

3. Flower petals caressing your Face
Tell you that my heart is yours without return
Of my leafless rose you understand the language
And you smile at my love.

R.3 Throw Flowers, repeat your praises
This is my only pleasure in the valley of tears....
In Heaven I will soon go with the little angels
Throw Flowers!...

Dating: 28th June 1896
Recipient: Agnes of Jesus
For her birthday (Pauline), Thérèse describes the profound meaning of the gesture that novices often make around the cross in the courtyard when the roses are in bloom – a gesture immortalized by the photo of Thérèse n°44.


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