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What I will soon see for the First time!... - PN 33 

June 12, 1896 Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
What I will soon see for the First time!...

1. I am still on the foreign shore,
But sensing eternal happiness,
Oh ! I would already like to leave the earth
And contemplate the wonders of Heaven....
When I dream of the joys of the other life
Of my exile I no longer feel the weight
Since soon towards my only homeland
I will fly for the first time!.......

2. Oh! give me, Jesus, white wings
So that towards you, I take my rise
I want to fly to the Eternal shores
I want to see you, O my Divine Treasure!
I want to fly into Marie's arms
To rest on this throne of choice,
And receive from my dear Mother
The sweet Kiss for the first time!....

3. My Beloved, of your first smile
Give me a glimpse of sweetness soon
And leave me, in my divine delirium
Ah! let me hide in your Heart!...
Oh ! what a moment! what ineffable happiness
When I hear the sweet sound of your voice
When I see your Adorable Face
Divine radiance for the first time!...

4. You know it well, my only martyrdom,
It is your love, Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Towards your beautiful sky, if my soul sighs
It's to love you, to love you more and more!....
In Heaven, always intoxicated with tenderness
I will love you without measure and without laws
And my happiness will always seem to me
As new as the first time! ! !....
The little sister of the Child Jesus

Dating: 12th June 1896
Recipient: Marie du Sacré-Coeur, at her request For her birthday, Thérèse offers her beloved an echo of the dream of 'visitation' of Mother Anne of Jesus, a distant prelude to the Manuscript B.

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