the Carmel

My Heaven to Me!... - PN 32

S Dayt Sacrament. June 7, 1896
(Tune : God of peace and love)

1. To endure exile from the Valley of Tears
I need the gaze of my Divine Savior
This gaze full of love revealed its charms to me
He made me feel the Heavenly happiness
My Jesus smiles at me when towards Him I sigh.
So I no longer feel the test of faith
The Gaze of my God, his ravishing Smile,
Here is my Heaven to me!...

2. My Heaven is to be able to attract souls
On the Church my mother and on all my sisters
The graces of Jesus and his Divine Flames
Who know how to kindle and rejoice the hearts.
I can get it all when in mystery
I speak heart to heart with my Divine King
This sweet prayer very close to the Sanctuary
Here is my Heaven to me!...

3. My Heaven, it is hidden in the small Host
Where Jesus, my Spouse, veils himself for love
From this Divine Home I will draw life
And there my Sweet Savior listens to me night and day
"Oh! what a happy moment when in your tenderness
“You come, my Beloved, to transform me into you”
“This union of love, this ineffable intoxication”
Here is my Heaven to me!...

4. My Heaven is to feel within me the likeness
Of the God who created me with his mighty breath
My Heaven is to remain always in his presence
To call him my Father and be his child
In his divine arms, I don't fear the storm
Total surrender is my only law.
Sleep on his Heart, very close to his Face
Here is my Heaven to me!...

5. My Heaven, I found it in the Holy Trinity
Who resides in my heart, prisoner of love
There, contemplating my God, I repeat to him without fear
That I want to serve him and love him without return.
My Heaven is to smile at this God I adore
When He wants to hide to test my faith
Suffer while waiting for Him to look at me again
Here is my Heaven to me!...

(Thoughts of Sister St Vincent de Paul put in
verses by her little sister Thérèse de l'Enfant

Dating: 7th June 1896
Recipient: Saint Vincent de Paul, at his request.
Thérèse agrees to write down the thoughts of Sr. St. Vincent de Paul and put them into a poem.

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