the Carmel

Glose on the Divine - PN 30

Composed by NP St John of the Cross and put into verse by the youngest of his daughters to celebrate the Profession of his dear Sister Marie of the Trinity and of the Holy Face. 

Supported without any Support
Without light and in darkness
I will consume myself with Love.... 

1. To the world (what extreme happiness)
I said an eternal farewell!.......
....... Raised higher than myself
I have no Support but my God.
And now I proclaim it
What I esteem near Him
Is to see and feel my soul
Supported without any support!....

2. Although I suffer without Light
In this life which is only one day
I own at least on earth
The Heavenly Life of Love...
In the path that I must follow
Meets more than one peril,
But out of love I want to live well
In the Darkness of Exile.

3. Love I Have Experienced
Of the good, of the bad he finds in me
Knows how to take advantage (what power)
It transforms my soul into itself.
This fire that burns in my soul
Penetrate my heart without return
So in her charming flame
I am going to consume myself with Love!...

30 April 1896

Child Therese. Jesus, of the Ste Face
rel. carm. ind.

Dating: April 30th
Recipient: Mary of the Trinity for her profession
Continuation of the previous poem.

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