the Carmel

Souvenir of April 30, 1896 - PN 29


To our dear little sister
Mary of the Trinity and the Holy Face.

1. How sweet it is to us, O Dear Sister!
To sing this radiant day
The most beautiful day of your life
Who unites you to the King of Heaven.

2. This morning your exiled soul
Was seen clothed in splendour,
Of an immaculate adornment
By sacrificing themselves for the Lord.

3. Formerly looking at your soul
The Blessed Trinity
Marked you with his Flame
By revealing its beauty to you.

4. Contemplating the Divine Face
You felt the desire
To despise everything that happens
Everything that must end soon.

5. People fearing the flood
You invoked the sky
He made you find refuge
In the blessed ark of Carmel.

6. But Alas! poor fugitive
From the ark you had to get out
Like the plaintive dove
You must have moaned for a long time.

7. The green foliage of the olive tree
Finally came to shine in your eyes
He designated you the shade
From the little Carmel of Lisieux.

8. Immediately Crossing Space
You came to claim
Among us last place
Wanting to suffer, wanting to love!...

9. Jesus Immolating Himself
Said to us on his last day:
"Give your life for those you love
There is no greater love."

10. To this blessed word
Your heart is all on fire
You gave life for life
To Jesus your Beloved.

11. Now Happy Victim
Who you immolate to Love
Taste the joy, the intimate peace
To consume you every day.

12. To Love your soul sighs
He is your bright star
Love will be your martyrdom
Love will open the Heavens to you.

(To our Mother)
13. It is by you, O dear Mother
that we saw this morning
This white and new host
To immolate oneself to the Divine Lamb.

14. This host will be your glory
Jesus will make it shine
In the mysterious ciborium
That your heart knew how to fill.

Dating: April 30th
Recipient: Mary of the Trinity
The profession of Marie de la Trinité was a day of glory for Thérèse, fulfilled by the success of her novice. This poem is read with the following one.

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