the Carmel

The Eternal Song sung from exile - PN 28


1er March 1896 

1. Your exiled wife, on a foreign shore
Can sing of Love the eternal canticle
Since, my sweet Jesus, you deign on earth
With the fire of your Love set it ablaze as in Heaven.

2. My Beloved, Supreme Beauty
To me you give yourself
But in return,
jesus i love you
And my life is but one act of love!

3. Forgetting my great misery
You come to live in my heart.
My weak Love, ah what a mystery!
Enough to chain you, Lord.
My Beloved etc...

4. Love that ignites me
Penetrate my soul
Come, I claim you,
Come, consume me.

5. Your ardor urges me
And I constantly want
divine furnace
sink into you.

6. Lord, Suffering
Becomes enjoyment
When the soul soars
To you without return.

7. Celestial Fatherland
joys of the other life
My delighted soul
Always tastes you.

8. Celestial Fatherland
joys of the other life
You are only Love!

Dating: 1er March 1896
Recipient: Mary of Saint Joseph
For her birthday, Thérèse chooses to talk to her about love, the way she herself experiences it.

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