the Carmel

Souvenir of February 24, 1896 - PN 27


(Original tune: On earth all is not rosy, but the tradition sings it on Ay Chiquita)

1er C.

O ineffable memory
Of the beautiful day between the days
Your incomparable sweetness
I will always keep it....

2e C.

To Jesus I am united
By the bonds of love
And his infinite greatness
In me fixes its stay.

1er Chorus.
Oh ! what inexpressible intoxication
I feel it throbbing inside me
The heart burning with tenderness
Of my Spouse, of my King.

3e C.

Exile, I suffer without pain
Living with my Husband...
She is very sweet the chain
Who unites me to the Jealous God!...

4e C.

O Divine Jealousy,
You hurt my heart!...
You will be my whole life
My rest and my happiness.

2e Chorus.

Deign to consume my whole being
Jesus alone must live in me
Now I don't wanna be
That the veil of my King!...

Therese of the Child Jesus of the Ste Face
to his thousand-times beloved little sister.)

Dating: 24th February 1896
Recipient: Céline (sr Geneviève) at his request
For her sister's profession, Thérèse is inspired by an air dear to their mother, of which we unfortunately do not have the score. But Celine preferred the tune of "Ay chiquita"

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