the Carmel

The Responses of St Agnes - PN 26

1. Christ is my Love, He is my whole life,
He is the Bridegroom who alone delights my eyes
Also I can already hear of its sweet harmony
The melodious sounds.

2. He adorned my hand with pearls without equal,
He adorned my neck with necklaces of great price
The rich diamonds you see in my ears
Are a present of Christ.
3. He adorned me all with precious stones,
Already shines on my finger her nuptial ring.
He deigned to cover with luminous pearls
My virginal mantle.

4. I am the bride of Him whom the angels
Will serve with trembling all eternity.
The moon and the sun tell his praises
Admire her beauty.

5. His empire is Heaven, his nature is divine;
The Immaculate Virgin for Mother He chooses himself,
His Father is the true God who has no origin,
He is pure Spirit....

6. When I love Christ and when I touch him
My heart becomes purer, I am still more chaste.
Of virginity the kiss of her mouth
Gave me the treasure.

7. He has already put his sign on my face
So that no lover dares approach me
I feel supported by divine grace
Of my Loving King.

8. With his precious blood my cheeks are stained
I think I already taste the delights of Heaven
For I can gather on her sacred lips
And milk and honey.

9. Also I fear nothing, neither iron nor flame
No, nothing can disturb my ineffable peace
And the fire of love that consumes my soul
Will never go out!....

Dating: 21th January 1896
Recipient: Agnes of Jesus
For her birthday, Thérèse gives her sister Pauline not only this engagement poem, but also the notebooks of manuscript A.

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