the Carmel

My Desires with Jesus hidden in his Prison of Love - PN 25

(Same air as the previous one, or that of the gloss of Ste Therese)

1. Little Key, oh I envy you!
Because you can open every day
The prison of the Eucharist
Where resides the God of Love.
But I can, oh what a sweet miracle!
By a single effort of my faith
Also open the tabernacle
Hide myself there near the Divine King...

2. I would like in the sanctuary
Consuming me next to my God
Always shine with mystery
Like the Lamp of the Holy Place....
Oh ! happiness... inside me I have flames
And I can win every day
To Jesus many souls
Embracing them with his love...

3. Every dawn, I envy you,
O Sacred Stone of the Altar!
As in the blessed stable
The Eternal wants to be born on you...
Ah! deign to answer my prayer
Come into my soul, Sweet Saviour...
Far from being a cold stone
She is the sigh of your Heart!...

4. O Corporal surrounded by angels!
How enviable is your fate
On you as in his humble nappies
I see Jesus my only treasure
Change my heart, Virgin Mary
In a pure and beautiful Corporal
To receive the white host,
Where is your Sweet Lamb hiding.

5. Saint Paten, I envy you
On you Jesus comes to rest
Oh ! than its infinite greatness
Until I deign to stoop...
Jesus filling my hope
Of my life does not wait for the evening
He comes into me; by his presence
I am a living Monstrance!...

6. Oh! that I envy the happy Chalice
Where I adore the Divine Blood....
But I can at the Holy Sacrifice
Collect it every morning.
My soul to Jesus is dearer
Than the precious Vases of gold
The Altar is a new Calvary
Where for me his Blood still flows...

7. Jesus, Holy and Sacred Vine,
You know it, oh my Divine King
I am a golden cluster
Who must disappear for you...
Under the press of suffering
I will prove my love to you
I don't want any other enjoyment
Than to immolate me every day.

8. Oh! what joy, I am chosen
Among the grains of pure wheat
Who for Jesus lose their life...
Great is my delight!...
I am your darling wife,
My Beloved, come live in me
Oh ! come, your beauty delighted me
Deign to transform me into You!....

Dating: 1895 – fall writing, close to PN-24.
Recipient: Saint Vincent de Paul, at his request.
Sister St Vincent de Paul leaves Thérèse free to choose to write without directing her.

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