the Carmel

In the Sacred Heart of Jesus - PN 23

(Air: When Christmas Comes)

1. At the Holy Sepulchre, Mary Magdalene
Searching for her Jesus, stooped in tears
The angels wanted to ease his pain
But nothing could ease his pain.
It wasn't you, bright archangels
That this ardent soul came to seek
She wanted to see Lord of the Angels
Take him in his arms, far take him away.....

2. Near the tomb, remained the last
She had come long before day
His God also came, veiling his light
Marie could not overcome him in love!
First showing him his Blessed Face
Soon a single word springs from his heart
Whispering the sweet name of: Mary
Jesus gave him back peace, happiness.. . . . .

3. One day, O my God, like Madeleine,
I wanted to see you, to approach you
My gaze plunged into the immense plain
Whose Master and King I was looking for
And I cried, seeing the pure wave,
The starry azure, the flower and the bird:
“If I do not see God, brilliant nature,
You are nothing to me, but a vast tomb.

4. "I need a heart burning with tenderness
Remaining my support without any return
Loving everything in me, even my weakness...
Not leaving me, night and day.
I couldn't find any creature
Who always loved me, never dying
I need a God taking my nature
Becoming my brother and being able to suffer!

5. You heard me, only friend I love
To steal my heart, making you mortal
You shed your blood, supreme mystery!...
And you still live for me on the Altar.
If I cannot see the brilliance of your Face,
To hear your voice filled with sweetness
I can, oh my God, live by your grace
I can rest on your Sacred Heart!

6. O Heart of Jesus, treasure of tenderness
You are my happiness, my only hope,
You who knew how to charm my tender youth
Stay with me until the last night
Lord, to you alone I gave my life
And all my desires are well known to you
It's in your ever-infinite goodness
How I want to lose myself, O Heart of Jesus!

7. Oh! I know it well, all our justices
Have no value before your eyes
To give value to my sacrifices
I want to throw them into your Divine Heart
You didn't find your angels spotless
In the midst of lightning you gave your law!...
In your Sacred Heart, Jesus, I hide
I do not tremble, my virtue is You!...

8. In order to be able to contemplate your glory
You have to, I know, go through the fire
And I choose for my purgatory
Your burning Love, O Heart of my God!
My exiled soul leaving this life
Would like to do an act of pure love
And then flying to Heaven his homeland
Enter into your Heart without any detour.

Dating: 1895 – June or October
Recipient: Marie of the Sacred Heart, at her request.
The poem takes up Marie's thoughts during her annual retreat.

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